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Welcome to Ghost Shop this is Digital Dowsing’s official retail store where we carry high tech paranormal equipment, metaphysical products, ghost hunting kits and parts for making your own gear. Specializing in ITC and EMF Digital Dowsing brings quality innovative tools for paranormal investigation.  From the high end new Ovilus V and the new Xcam SLS to the deceptively simple and easy to use Energy Rod, Digital Dowsing has the perfect device for every paranormal investigator.

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THE MOST INNOVATIVE GEAR IN PARANORMAL RESEARCH.  Digital Dowsing has consistently led the way in product innovation for the paranormal market place.  For over 14 years we have produced some of the most iconic devices used today.

Devices like the Ovilus, Paranormal Puck, the PX, and EM Vortex have become part of the modern-day paranormal investigator lexicon. You’ve seen our equipment used on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel,  Paranormal State on A&E, and countless other programs and documentaries. Bill Chappell has also been featured on the Travel Channel, Syfy Channel, A&E, and many podcasts and radio programs Like Darkness Radio . Movies  Children of the Grave, The Possessed, The Haunted Boy, Haunting of cell Block 11 and more !

All paranormal gear featured on this site is manufactured and shipped by Digital Dowsing llc.